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RCP Filter Media Collection Efficiency Tests

  • Client: TEXON (UK) Ltd
  • Financing agency: TEXON (UK) Ltd

EDT were engaged to assist TEXON in an assessment of a range of rigidised, felt based filter media. The assessment is to provide benchmark information on the media for comparison with conventional needlefelts in P84 and comprises a series of laboratory tests to provide comparative filtration data between conventional needlefelts and the rigidised filter media.

This involved EDT in building a large laboratory test rig and developing a test programme with appropriate instrumentation to assess the collection efficiency, cleaning performance and pressure loss of 2 needle felts and 4 rigidised filter media.

Samples of the 6 filtration media were mounted in a laboratory test filter rig and exposed to a laboratory filter test at ambient conditions. Samples pre- and post-test were examined using a number of physical methods including scanning electron microscopy.

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