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Flue Gas Cleaning

Many industrial combustion process plants require flue gas treatment to comply with emissions legislation. EDT has specialist knowledge to assist gas cleaning equipment OEMs and end users in the correct selection of appropriate gas cleaning processes and plant.

We offer the following services:

  • cyclone design service: optimal cyclone designs for any process offering improved performance over many existing cyclones
  • filter specification and design service: custom filter specifications and designs for your specific flue gas/process gas
  • gas cleaning plant audits: carried out by EDT, as independent engineering inspectors, for Environment Agency compliance of your gas cleaning plant
  • gas cleaning plant troubleshooting: solving ¬†operational problems on cyclone and filter plant applications
  • product development: new components, systems and designs for cyclone and filter equipment
  • gas cleaning technology reviews for combustion and process gas streams.

Previous flue gas cleaning work has included:

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