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Barrier Filtration Studies

  • Client: Npower
  • Financing agency: Npower

EDT undertook a major review of the state of the art relating to fabric filtration of coal derived flue gases for application to large boiler plant.

The review included:

  • fabric filter types
  • outside/in filters
  • pulse-jet
  • inside/out filters
  • shake/deflate
  • reverse air including issues relating to
    • design
    • fundamentals
    • applications
    • filter media
  • operation and maintenance requirements
  • filter medium support
  • filter pressure drop
  • filter cleaning
  • ash handling
  • current status of technologies
  • recent developments in
    • fabric
    • surface coatings
    • pleated/cageless bags
    • cartridges
    • ceramics
    • COHPAC
  • an economic evaluation, including
    • capital costs of filter type
    • filter cleaning selection
    • filtration medium selection
    • operating costs.
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