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Rigid P84 (RCP) Filter Medium Field Assessment

  • Client: TEXON (UK) Ltd
  • Financing agency: TEXON (UK) Ltd

As an on-going part of the development of rigidised P84 (RCP) filter medium, EDT has run a full-scale trial of the TEXON filter medium on a test filter unit at a commercial tyre remoulding company.

The test filter was used to clean the flue gases from a coal fired shell boiler. The aim of the test was to assess whether or not the rigidised P84 filter element could survive the thermal, chemical and mechanical environment within a pulse-cleaned filter treating high temperature, condensing flue gas from a nominated combustion process, in this case coal combustion.

This filtration project was carried out by EDT including, procurement, installation, instrumentation, commissioning and operating the filter.

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