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Fabric Filter Specification for Bonemeal Incineration

  • Client: Wykes Engineering Ltd
  • Financing agency: Wykes Engineering Ltd

Subsequent to the slaughter of cattle in the UK due to BSE, a large amount of meat and bone meal, produced during the processing of slaughtered cattle, requires disposal in a safe manner. A new fluidised bed combustion process was developed for incinerating meat and bone meal from animal rendering. In order to meet emissions regulations, a flue gas cleaning system was required.

EDT was engaged to design a bespoke fabric/ceramic filter unit for the process. A 1 ton/h pilot plant was built with a fabric filter collecting fly ash from the fbc combustor. EDT designed and specified the complete filter system including control philosophy, filter media selection, mechanical design, aerodynamic design and all necessary ancillaries to manage the process stream from the fbc unit.

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