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SPS Gas Cleaning Manual, Volume XI: Gas Purification, Part 4

  • Client: AEA Technology
  • Financing agency: AEA Technology

A significant part of industrial activity that produces NOx and SOx involves thermal oxidation processes, typically combustion, of fossil fuels particularly coal and oil.

Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen are air pollutants that readily hydrolyse in the atmosphere to produce sulphur and nitrogen based acids. Most of the acid attack on plant life and buildings is attributed to the condensation of these acidic species. There is therefore a desire to minimise their escape to atmosphere during combustion or processing.

Outlined in this section of the manual are techniques and methods by which they can be reduced. EDT were engaged to produce a report to form part of SPS’s Gas Cleaning Manual to give detailed descriptions of processes and equipment which can be applied to minimise the emissions to atmosphere of nitrogen and sulphur oxides.

The latest technologies were reviewed giving details of process layout, efficiencies achievable, waste and by-product streams, energy consumption, operability and operating experience.

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