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Combustion Control and Incineration

In any fossil fuel powered process steam or space heating system the fuel represents the single largest operating cost. Combustion and heat recovery equipment operating inefficiently can significantly increase the overall cost as well as increasing the level of pollutant gas and smoke emission. EDT uses its combustion and incineration expertise to optimise combustion and reduce pollution in a cost effective manner.

To support companies wishing to optimise combustion and reduce pollution, EDT offers the following services:

  • combustion system selection to minimise cost and optimise fuel choice and operational flexibility.
  • fuel conversion feasibility studies to assess the technical and economic implications of fuel switching between coal, oil and gas.
  • in-house boilerhouse staff training courses covering safety, boiler operation and environmental awareness to suit your staff and to optimise operation of your boiler plan.

We also offer the following products:

  • boiler control systems that improving steam pressure control while optimising efficiency and reducing cost, emissions and noise in the boilerhouse. These systems come complete and include supply, installation, integration with your existing system and full commissioning. Typical payback period is 24 months but varies with boiler load pattern.
  • a range of boiler spares, both new and second hand, are held in stock.

Our previous combustion control and innovation projects have included:

To discuss how we could support you either now or in the future, please get in touch.

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