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Fabric Filter Assessment and Refurbishment

  • Client: A major UK chemical company

EDT was invited to undertake an inspection and assessment of the fabric filter serving a 34MW Foster Wheeler Multi Solids Fluidised Bed Combustor (MSFBC) coal-fired boiler plant.

The filter was manufactured by Peabody Sturtevant and was installed in 1987 as part of the boiler contract with Foster Wheeler but has been operated only on a continuous basis for the last two years. On bringing the filter back on-line, it was clear that the filter was not performing properly and had probably experienced many hours of operation outside its design envelope during the prolonged boiler commissioning period prompted an assessment of the filter plant.

EDT carried out a full inspection of the filter plant and ancillaries, recommended design and operational modifications, specified a new cleaning controller and procured and supplied a new set of cages and filter bags.

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