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Teresa Anna Moskwa-Golesworthy's CV


An experienced and well qualified Bi-Lingual Secretary/Personal Assistant/Freelance Translator and Voice-over Specialist.

Has demonstrated ability to provide a first class bi-lingual Secretarial and Personal Assistant Service, alongside personal commitment, initiative, discretion and willingness to work in a flexible and conscientious manner, to ensure the most efficient results.

Career summary

Has worked as a P.A./Office Manager for a property developer in London, on a part-time consultancy basis. Prior to this in London for ten years as Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Allied Arabian Group of Companies, whose business included commodities, investments, property and petroleum interests. Owing to the diverse interests of the Group, the brief included client liaison, negotiations and recruitment.

During that time also a Freelance Translator, working on written translations from Polish to English and English to Polish, as well as voice-overs on films and videos.


  • MA Linguistics Degree, University of Silesia, Poland – 1977-1980
  • Christy Secretarial College, Cheltenham, England – 1981-1982


  • English – fluent verbal and written
  • Polish – mother tongue; fluent verbal and written
  • Russian – some knowledge (receptive)
  • German – basic knowledge (receptive) 

Personal details

  • Marital Status: Married, no children 


  • English Language, solving crosswords, ice-skating, skiing


  • “Summary proposal for the introduction of Rockbolting to mines in Poland.” – Polish into English, TSRE, Bretby
  • “Combating the effects of mining upon the environment.” – Polish into English, British Coal Corporation
  • “Overview on the state of the art use of roofbolting in Poland and the rest of the world.” – Polish into English, British Coal Corporation
  • “Struktura Brytyjskiego Zjednoczenia Węgla Kamiennego.” – English into Polish, TSRE, Bretby
  • “Relacje interpersonalne pracowników Brytyjskiego Węgla.” – English into Polish, TSRE, Bretby
  • “Usługi węglowe i energetyczne.” – English into Polish, TSRE, Bretby
  • “Struktura i rola Działu Technicznego Brytyjskiego Zjednoczenia Węgla Kamiennego [Począwszy od roku 1947 do chwili obecnej].” – English into Polish, TSRE, Bretby
  • “System płacowy dla pracowników Brytyjskiego Węgla” English into Polish, TSRE, Bretby
  • “Management Workshops.” – English into Polish (Translation/Voiceover), British Coal Enterprise
  • “Job Shops.”- English into Polish, (Translation/Voiceover), British Coal Enterprise
  • “British Coal Enterprise.” – English into Polish, (Translation/Voiceover), British Coal Enterprise
  • “Strata Bolting.” – English into Polish, (Translation/Voiceover), British Coal Enterprise

All the above translations have been done in collaboration with, and using the technical expertise of, Mr. T J Golesworthy C Eng MEI MRSC and Mr. D S Lyons.

Environmental Development Technology Ltd, Theocsbury House, 18-20 Barton Street, Tewkesbury,  Gloucestershire,  United Kingdom,  GL20 5PP